Blafili RTX

Blafili RTX - A surprisingly useful audio transmitter / receiver Introduction I have been playing with the Blafili RTX for the past few weeks, looking it how it could be integrated into my home audio setup and I impressed with the different use-case I came up with for this device. I was especially impressed with what it can do for $59.99. So I thought I would share my opinions and the details of how you might use this device in your own setup.

FiiO KA17

Review of the Fiio KA17 DAC and Headphone Amplifier FiiO’s latest flagship model of USB-C dongle, encompasses an array of innovative features providing the very small and portable dongle with the power and capabilities of a desktop unit. The KA17 has been the perfect usb-c dongle for me for the past few weeks. I have been commuting by train each day to work in a ‘hot desk’ environment where I couldn’t use my normal desktop headphone amplifier, but I never missed that desktop amplifier even when I decided to bring my harder to drive Hifiman planar headphones.

Blafili B3

Blafili B3 - An impressive device from an ambitious new audio startup Introduction Blafili have an appealing new product with their initial ‘audiophile’ offering the B3. Specifically it is a 2 in 1 Bluetooth and USB DAC but what I found interesting (and the main reason for this review) is the appeal of the XLR outputs at the price point of $109. Beyond the XLR outputs, I was also impressed with it’s bluetooth implementation, so read on to find out if it’s a device you should add to your audio stack.

FiiO K7

FiiO K7 Long term Review Introduction So early this year I decided to upgrade my headphones from the usual Sennheiser and AKG ones and I decided I needed some Planar magnetic headphones and while my previous headphone amp, a Fosi Audio one was fine with the dynamic drivers I had previously it only sounded ok with these harder to drive Planar’s. It didn’t seem to have sufficent power especially with the low frequencies bass, to get these new headphones sounding as good as I expected.

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