Hifiman HE-R9

Hifiman HE-R9 - your Flashy Flamboyant Friend Lets get one thing out of the way immediately, HE-R9 is a flamboyant and quirky headphone both in its looks and its sound profile but one that you might also learn to love and one that at its current price of $109 deserves to be considered for your headphone collection. I would like to thank Mark from Hifiman for providing the HE-R9 for the purposes of review

Hifiman Sundara Closed-Back

Sundara Closed-Back - Ignore the name, this is a stunning headphone at its price It can be hard to look past a name but I believe early reviewers assumed this headphone would sound like the well-loved Sundara “Open back” but with more sound isolation, but of course it does not. And now that Hifiman have recently lowered the price of the Sundara Closed-back to $149, I believe it is time to revisit this headphone for what it is and not for it’s name.

Sennheiser HD 600

The All-time classic Headphone that is still relevant today The Sennheiser HD 600 remains a benchmark in the world of high-fidelity headphones, renowned for its natural sound reproduction and exceptional build quality. This model has been a favorite among audiophiles and professionals for years, thanks to its balanced sound and durable design. This is my favourite headphone for tonality with perfect midrange and treble but is the overall package still a benchmark and are there a few things that I would like to see changed.

Hifiman HE400SE

Planar on a Budget Hifiman make exceptional open back Planar headphones ( though their closed backs so far have been disappointing ) but can we really expect that planar experience for little over $100. What is the planar ’experience' If you are new to headphones you might wonder why would I want a planar magnetic headphone instead of a traditional dynamic driver headphones. Well Planar’s typically provide better detail retrieval, a much more even frequency response resulting in a much more balanced sound.

FiiO FT5

FT5 Review FiiO have been on a roll this year with a huge range of product offerings and they have already released some quality headphones with the FT3, but with the FT5 this marks a significant audiophile step up, into the world of planar magnetic headphones, a segment of the industry traditionally dominated by brands like HIFIMAN, DCA, Meze and of course Audeze. So with the FT5, priced at an $449, this firmly puts FiiO into the competitive mid-fi planar segment against some well regarded HifiMan planars like Sundara and Edition XS and some recent Moondrop offerings like the Venus and the Para.

Hifiman RE-400

hifiman-RE400 Review I would like to thank Mark from Hifiman for providing these IEM’s for this review I came across this IEM maybe 10 years ago - it was then a steal at $99 for its then reference sound. But allot has happened in the IEM market in 10 years so has this ‘old dog’ still got tricks for the ‘young pups’ of the IEM market. And mostly importantly how does it sound stack up against its competition.

Hifiman Edition XS

Hifiman Edition XS - A Long-Term Review Only maybe 3 or 4 times in this hobby have I come across a product that completely upgrades my expectation of the quality that I should expect when listening too music. The Hifiman XS has done that for me for headphones. It’s been about 6 months now since I upgraded to the XS, so I felt it was a good time to write a long term review.

Soundcore Space One

Soundcore Space One Review I have been a fan of the Soundcore Q30 for a while, with the right EQ it can sound great. It is a budget “audiophile” secret especially with its decent ANC. Then I spotted the Soundcore Space One launch and given that it seems to be aiming at the same sub $100 market I thought It would be worth seeing if it can replace the Q30 for my commuting and travelling needs.

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