Nicehck DB2 Review


In this review, I want to share my experiences listening to and enjoying the NiceHCK DB2 hybrid (1 DD + 1 BA) over the past few weeks. As you can see from the picture above the DB2 is a gorgeous IEM, but is it something that is right for you.

I believe we are in the golden age for IEM’s especially for those that want to build a nice collection at very little cost. I also believe if you are building a collection you should own a variety of sound signatures especially if you like appreciated different genres of music and want to experience your music to the fullest extent.

So how would the Nicehck DB2 fit into your collection, lets find out in this review.

I would like to thank Hifigo for providing the DB2 for this review. If you are interested in purchasing the DB2 here is a non-affiliated link

Retail Box

The DB2 comes in a nice quality box which gives you a hint that this isn’t the typical $24 IEM, a lot of thought was put into making the experience of opening the DB2 a rewarding experience: Box.jpeg

Unboxing the NiceHCK DB2 reveals the gorgeous shell design and a nice waifu card: db2-box.jpeg

As you open the packaging, you are greeted with a thoughtfully assembled set of accessories designed to enhance your listening experience. BoxOpen.jpeg

Here’s what you can expect to find inside the box of the NiceHCK DB2: BoxContents.jpeg

The NiceHCK DB2 IEMs:

Central to the package, the DB2 earphones themselves are meticulously crafted, showcasing the chosen color variant - be it the elegant Blue, the vibrant Purple, or the classic Black. Each earpiece is constructed from a robust combination of PC and Aluminum Alloy, ensuring durability without compromising on style.

I made 2 short videos showcasing the lovely clear shell from different angles:

One minor complaint would be that the 2-pin are not recessed, I prefer a recessed 2-pin so that there is no chance that the pins might be accidentally bent as has happened to be me in the past.

Detachable 0.78 2pin Cable:

The included cable is good for the price, offering a good ‘shape’ for wrapping the cable around your ears for maximum comfort.

I didn’t get the cable with the microphone, but I believe for a few extra dollars you can purchase a version of the cable with an integrated microphone which depending on your use-case might be a good option.

Selection of Ear Tips:

I did like the selection of ear tips provided, though ultimately I used my own and did a bit of tip rolling to tweak the sound to my preference. I will get into what you can expect from the different ear tips in the measurement section below.

Carrying Case:

The DB2 comes with a nice protective carrying case again this is rare at this price point.

Size Comparison:

I thought to give a better feel for the size to expect with the DB2, I would take a few comparison photos with some of my other IEM’s that you might already be familiar with in your collection.

So here is the size compared to the Truthear Zero Red (which is possible at the upper end of the scale for size of IEM shell) and the Tanchjim One (which is a small almost a ‘bullet sized’ IEM):

DB2-Size-comparison1 Medium.jpeg

DB2-Size-comparison2 Medium.jpeg

Note: This comparison is just showing how the DB2 is sort of at the ‘goldie locks’ size, not too big and not too small and therefore should suit the majority of ears. The shape of the DB2 is not opinionated so again should accommodate the majority of ears.


As you can hopefully see from the comparison photos above the nicehck-db2 size and shape make it a very comfortable, I like the angle of the nozzle allowing the IEM to sit firmly in my ears without moving when out walking. I found myself wearing it for hours without problems.

Sound quality

Overall the sound signature of the DB2 has a warm / bass forward sound signature, I found it really came into its own with specific genres of music like Heavy Metal and some EDM where that extra bass can really enhance the listening experience. If you are looking for a neutral IEM this is not the one for you, this is much more in the fun sounding but never fatiguing category.

But let’s get into the detail and give you a feeling of what you can expect from the DB2:


Because it’s a hybrid IEM the bass especially benefits from have a dedicated dynamic driver.

While the sub-bass is good, It was really with mid-bass tracks, it makes them deep and satisfying. So tracks like Billie Ellish Xanny sounded even richer / fully than normal and for a bit of retro music, I listened to some class metal from the 70’s from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, the enhanced bass really brought those tracks to life.


Nicehck have done some clever tuning with the midrange, while its slightly recessed (typical of a V-Shaped sound signature) Vocal especially female vocals really popped out of the mix. So some classic Joni Mitchell tracks like ‘Both Sides Now’ sounded great, the midrange boost for vocals coupled with the lower treble recession means you can really enjoy female vocal tracks that you might have found too sibilant previously.


Nicehck have played it fairly safe with the treble response on the DB2, I feel they could have pushed the treble more but what we get on the DB2 (without EQ) is satisfying treble which is never sibilant or fatiguing, so you can be listening to the DB2 for hours.

Soundstage and Imaging

I found both the soundstage and imaging to be good but not great, the extra mid-bass probably takes away a little from the soundstage so test tracks like Tool’s Chocolate Chip Trip didn’t quiet have the swirling soundstage I am used too. But I did a bit of ear tip rolling and found with some Foam tips I could restore that soundstage significantly but this will be dependent on your own ear canal and tip preferences.

Specs and Measurements

In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the NiceHCK DB2 In-ear Monitors, it’s crucial to delve into both its specifications and the measurements obtained from using my 711 ‘clone’ coupler, particularly with different ear tips. This section is divided accordingly to present a detailed view.


The specifications of the NiceHCK DB2 are a testament to its design and potential performance. These technical
details are crucial in understanding the baseline from which the IEM operates:

Spec Details
Impedance 16Ω
Color Options Blue, Purple, and Black
Earphone Plug Type 3.5mm
Frequency Range 20-20000Hz
Sensitivity 107dB/mW
Connector Detachable 0.78 2pin
Cable Length Approximately 1.2m±5cm


These measurement were taken with my 711 ‘clone’ coupler and are available on my measurement database here

Frequency Response

Here is the Left and Right frequency response compared to the Harman target. graph Large.jpeg

You can see that extra mid-bass boost giving the DB2 that warm rich bass. I did many attempts to make sure I had the correct measurements but that difference in treble around 3K between the left and right was always present, but I guess this is normal with unit variants.

Alternative Ear-tips

I tried both set of stock tips but also a bunch of different types of ear tips and as you can see you can significant alter the treble response using different ear tips
graph-2 Large.jpeg

Some comparisons

Here are some comparisons with other IEM’s graph-3 Large.jpeg


Very little distortion so if you plan to use EQ with this IEM it will take it very well: DB2-no-distortion.jpg


I gave the Nicehck DB2 a pragmatic rating of 4 - it is a gorgeous looking IEM with a great set of accessories at a great price but its bass heavy sound signature might put some people off.


The Nicehck DB2 is a great IEM to add to your collection, especially if you already have the typical Harman / Neutral sounding IEM’s and want something a little different. For its price, the sound signature that the DB2 provides, is a very nice alternative to those more typically sound signatures and listening to music is all about finding ways to appreciate your music in different ways.