A great Headphone Amplifier in the new “Good time” series


FX Audio are on a major rebranding exercise. It proudly states that we are at the “FX Audio 2.0 Era” and from what I have seen with the nice clean design of their new “Good time” series products, I think they are doing an excellent job with this rebranding. These new ‘Good time’ devices all have a clear unique identity and the connectivity between all these devices is well-thought-out and the look well together in their vertical layout.

Here are the 2 other current “Good Time” products in this range, and you can see the similarities:

The DS07 DAC: DS07.jpg

And the L07 Amplifier: L07.jpg

In this review, I want to share my experiences with the FX Audio R07Plus for the past few weeks. I previously reviewed the FX-Audio DR07 which is a more standalone powerful ‘first’ headphone Amplifier with a great in-built DAC.

The R07Plus, on the other hand, is designed to be in a ‘proper’ audio ‘stack’ with other similarly designed ‘Good Time’ products shown above but even if you don’t want to buy FX-Audio other “Good Time” products, the R07Plus is the perfect way to perfect way to jump into Balanced Audio.


Note: I would like to thank FX-Audio for providing the R07Plus for this review. It currently retails for €129.00.

If you are interested in checking out the D07 - you can read some information about it on the FX-Audio website: FXAudio R07Plus or you can buy via Audiophonics

But let’s get into the details of what you can expect from the R07Plus.


The FXAudio R07Plus is a balanced desktop headphone amplifier that aims to combine aesthetic appeal with high-quality internal components. Part of its “GOOD TIMES” range, the R07Plus stands out with its vertical design and robust internal architecture, featuring the OPA1612 operational amplifiers for ultra-low noise and distortion. This amplifier is designed for audiophiles who appreciate both form and function in their audio equipment.

What’s in the box

The Amplifier comes in a plain but nicely designed box: IMG_0228 Medium.jpeg

Once opened reveals a manual, the power lead and the amplifier: IMG_0229 Medium.jpeg

The R07Plus has an internal power supply which is great option

Taking it out of its protective cover: IMG_0230 Medium.jpeg

And finally having a look at the connections on the back: IMG_0231 Medium.jpeg

I would have loved to have seen some extra accessories like some XLR cables, but that would have been hard to do and keep this price point.

Lets get into the details of the headphone amplifier itself.

The Amplifier:

I really like simple look of the R07plus and its vertical layout. While not as tall as some other vertical headphone amplifiers you can still sort of use the R07plus as a ‘headphone’ stand: with-headphones.jpeg

Button Layout and Connections

The R07Plus offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options, on the front:

IMG_0324 Medium.jpeg

The Volume control has a nice premium with a nice “resistance” to allow accurate control of the volume.
Then obviously you get the 3 key output connections: A XLR 4-pin balanced headphone output, the balanced 4.4mm headphone output and finally a 6.35mm headphone output.

For me having the 4-pin XLR was vital as I have a few very nice XLR headphone cables: FX-audio-r07plus.jpg

Note: You should not connect 2 headphones to the XLR and 4.4mm balanced connectors at the same time.

On the back again there is nice symmetry to the design: IMG_0323 Medium.jpeg

So, you get XLR and RCA stereo inputs. And 3 switches a Source Selector, a Gain selector (0 dB and +6 dB) but there is also an “RCA Impedance” which when I asked FX-Audio they said it can be used to change the impedance on the RCA inputs, in my brief testing with this option it did not seem to make a difference, but I only tested this with a limited set of RCA source inputs as I was mainly using the R07Plus with XLR inputs.


Finally, since there is an internal power supply, you plug in your IEC power supply directly into this amplifier. Compared to many other devices with external power bricks it both a nice option but also allows for a clean setup for the R07Plus.

Internal Features

The R07Plus is characterized by its operational amplifiers, the OPA1612, known for their ultra-low noise and distortion. This design ensures independent circuit paths to minimize crosstalk and interaction between channels, enhancing the clarity and purity of the audio signal.

Listening and Sound impressions

The FXAudio R07Plus provides a transparent and powerful sound across various headphone types, from efficient IEMs to demanding over-ears. The ultra-low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio contribute to an exceptionally clean and detailed sound reproduction. Via the XLR outputs especially this was one of the cleanest sounding Sub $200 headphone amplifiers I have heard. I found myself listening for hours ( while working ) to both my ‘audiophile’ test tracks but also some of the latest albums and some highlights being the detail in heard in tracks from Beyoncé latest album “Cowboy Carter” feeding my Hifiman Edition XS headphones via the XLR output. A number of times I actually stop working and just appreciate how good it sounded with this amplifier.

The amount of power provided was also excellent, I mostly listened on low gain even with typically hard to drive headphones like my Hifiman planars and never felt I needed to switch to the higher gain (+ 6dB).

Specifications and Measurements

Product type Headphone amplifier
Amplification components Dual OPA1612
Inputs: 1x RCA stereo
1x XLR balanced stereo
Outputs: 1x 6.35mm jack
1x 4.4mm balanced jack
1x XLR 4-pin balanced
Gain: Low: 0dB
High: 6dB
Volume control Yes
Power supply AC 100-240V
Color Black
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 135mm
Weight 984g

Measurements of output

Note: I got these measurements from Audiophonics - you can order the R07Plus on their website.

Measurements of Jack 6.35 Output / Gain 0dB

SNR: 120.5dB

Impedance THD+N SINAD (dB) Output Power
16 Ohm 0.00025% 112.0 257mW
32 Ohm 0.00019% 114.4 131mW
64 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 66.3mW
150 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 28.5mW
300 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 14.5mW
600 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 7mW

Measurements of Balanced Jack 4.4mm and XLR Outputs / Gain 0dB

SNR: 117.6dB

Impedance THD+N SINAD (dB) Output Power
16 Ohm 0.00082% 101.7 1027mW
32 Ohm 0.00046% 106.7 525mW
64 Ohm 0.00034% 109.4 266mW
150 Ohm 0.00028% 111.1 115mW
300 Ohm 0.00026% 111.7 56.5mW
600 Ohm 0.00026% 111.7 28.4mW

6.35 Jack Output Measurements / Gain 6dB

SNR: 119.8dB

Impedance THD+N SINAD (dB) Output Power
16 Ohm 0.00038% 108.4 1035mW
32 Ohm 0.00029% 110.8 5251mW
64 Ohm 0.00028% 111.1 267mW
150 Ohm 0.00026% 111.7 114mW
300 Ohm 0.00026% 111.7 57.3mW
600 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 28.5mW

Measurements of Balanced Jack 4.4mm and XLR Outputs / Gain 6dB

SNR: 119.5dB

Impedance THD+N SINAD (dB) Output Power
16 Ohm 0.00093% 100.6 2008mW
32 Ohm 0.00046% 106.7 2095mW
64 Ohm 0.00034% 109.4 1058mW
150 Ohm 0.00025% 112.0 459mW
300 Ohm 0.00021% 113.6 228mW
600 Ohm 0.00018% 114.9 28.5mW

You are getting an amazing amount of power at a very good THD+N / SINAD values.


The FXAudio R07Plus is a highly recommended for its performance, build quality, and pragmatic value. I gave it a 5-star rating. If you are on the lookout out for a very powerful fully balanced headphone amplifier this is an exceptional headphone amplifier for this price.


The FXAudio R07Plus headphone amplifier stands out in the crowded market of headphone amps with its unique vertical design and high-quality and powerful sound reproduction. It offers a combination of aesthetic appeal and top-notch audio performance, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their personal listening experience. With its robust build and precision engineering, the R07Plus is set to be a favorite among those who value both design and sonic excellence.