Rose Technics QuietSea

Rose Technics QuietSea Review In this review, I want to share my experiences listening to and enjoying the Rose Technics QuietSea over the past few weeks. As you will see the QuietSea is a quality offering from Rose Technics with some pretty unique features especially at it price point of $89.99 but given it can be found for as little as $49.99 it deserves to be heard. So how would the Rose Technics QuietSea fit into your collection, lets find out in this review.

Nicehck DB2

Nicehck DB2 Review In this review, I want to share my experiences listening to and enjoying the NiceHCK DB2 hybrid (1 DD + 1 BA) over the past few weeks. As you can see from the picture above the DB2 is a gorgeous IEM, but is it something that is right for you. I believe we are in the golden age for IEM’s especially for those that want to build a nice collection at very little cost.

Tanchjim One (DSP)

A ‘Futurefi’ IEM at a bargain price This is one of the most pragmatic devices I have bought in the past few years. It is effectively a 2:1 IEM for less than $30, by ‘default’ the Tanchjim One DSP has an excellent sound signature which for the price I would not complain about but then once you open up the App (Android only I am afraid) you have a series of very well specified alternative EQ based ‘profiles’, effectively giving you lots of variety without needing to get fully into the number within the PEQ filters provided.

Ziigaat Nuo

A nicely balanced IEM at an incredible price The Nuo is Ziigaat’s entry level IEM and entries the market in the super competitive sub $25 price range. Luckily, if you are interested in an excellently tuned IEM, the Nuo may well be one to add to your collection. Read on to find out why … What is in the box The Nuo comes in a fairly simple box, typical of this end of the IEM market.

Ziigaat Cinno

Ziigaat Cinno - A discerning IEM with a lovely warm sound Ziigaat are a fresh entrant into the very competitive IEM market and so as well as their new dynamic driver IEM the Nuo (reviewed here ), the Ziigaat Cinno is their more premium offering featuring a nice hybrid configuration of (1DD+4BA). Read on to find out more… Introduction With the combination of a 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers, 2 dedicated to the midrange and 2 for the upper treble regions, the Cinno promises an excellent balanced sound signature.

Kiwi Ears Forteza

A gorgeous IEM to add to your collection If you are at all interested in building a collection of IEM’s, I believe that you should have at least 3 different IEM ’tunings’, a balanced ‘Harman’ IEM, mid forward/centric tuning and finally a V-shaped ‘fun’ IEM tuning. Having a small collection with at least these 3 options really allows you to get the best from a wide range of your music, each IEM in your collection can extract different aspects of the music and the Forteza makes a great choice for those looking for a V-shaped tuning.

Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

A long term review Of all the IEM’s I have used this year the Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite have proven the most resilient. Time and again these are the IEM’s I have gone back too when I want to really hear a new release the way it should sound. It is also my goto IEM when out walking, the all BA design and the seal mean it has the best passive noise isolation of any IEM in my collection.

Binary Acoustics (GizAudio) Chopin

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin I have been listening to this IEM as my daily driver, using it both while working but also while commuting (so both in quiet and noisy environments) and I can’t think of a better IEM for listening for long periods. The Chopin is the 2nd collaboration of Timmy of Gizaudio YouTube channel fame and I think he has put all his experience into providing Binary Acoustics with excellent tuning guidelines for this IEM.

FiiO FX-15

Review FiiO kindly sent me pre-release versions of 2 of their new IEM’s, the FH11 (1 DD + 1BA drivers) and the FX15 (1 DD + 1BA + 4EST drivers). Of these the FH11 is a very bass heavy IEM at roughly $50 with, in my opinion, an odd tuning (I asked FiiO about the tuning and apparently it specifically targeting the Chinese market ) but the FX15 on the other hand is a much interesting IEM, specifically given it has 4 Electrostatic drivers per ear.

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