FiiO K7

FiiO K7 Long term Review Introduction So early this year I decided to upgrade my headphones from the usual Sennheiser and AKG ones and I decided I needed some Planar magnetic headphones and while my previous headphone amp, a Fosi Audio one was fine with the dynamic drivers I had previously it only sounded ok with these harder to drive Planar’s. It didn’t seem to have sufficent power especially with the low frequencies bass, to get these new headphones sounding as good as I expected.

Schiit Midgard

Schiit Audio Midgard Review In Norse mythology Midgard is the name for Earth (the realm of the mortals) so in this review let’s see if Schiit Audio new Midgard headphone amp and preamp is earthly treasure for us mortals that can play heavenly audio. Note: I would like to thank Schiit Audio for providing the Midgard for the purposes of this review. The Midgard’s shares the same gorgeous design language with the majority of Schiit products.

FiiO K11

FiiO K11 Review The K11 is FiiO’s new entry level headphone amplifier. But is both an incredible nice looking device and also incredible feature rich, this might be the only headphone amplifier you will ever need, to find out why read on: Thanks to FiiO for providing me with the K11 for this review. A note about FiiO Naming: I think its worth clarifying FiiO’s new device naming conventions. With a device name like the K11 - you might expect this headphone amplifier to be the top of FiiO range, considering FiiO already offer a K9, K7, K5 and even a K3.

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