FiiO KA17

A new standard for what to expect from a portable usb headphone dongle dac

FiiO SP3

A quality compact Desktop Speaker If you are in search of a compact desktop speaker for your home office, the FiiO SP3 is likely an ideal choice, especially in settings where limited desk space and the need for a small speaker form factor limit your speaker choices. By integrating a subwoofer and making subtle equalization adjustments to your audio setup, you can further enhance the performance of FiiO’s SP3. This ultra-compact and aesthetically pleasing speaker is capable of delivering remarkable sound quality relative to its size.

Soundcore Space One

Soundcore Space One Review I have been a fan of the Soundcore Q30 for a while, with the right EQ it can sound great. It is a budget “audiophile” secret especially with its decent ANC. Then I spotted the Soundcore Space One launch and given that it seems to be aiming at the same sub $100 market I thought It would be worth seeing if it can replace the Q30 for my commuting and travelling needs.

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